Red Company

Red Company

CHEZ MOI @ Access Event 12th Nov – 7th Dec
CHEZ MOI Romano Bench (Adult) LI: 4
CHEZ MOI Romano Side Table LI: 4
CHEZ MOI Romano Tree Vase LI: 5
CHEZ MOI Romano Coffee Table LI: 2
CHEZ MOI Romano Couch (Adult) LI: 12
CHEZ MOI Romano Decor LI: 3
CHEZ MOI Romano Armchair (Adult) LI: 2

JIAN Red Panda Static – Sleep A LI: 1
JIAN Red Panda Static – Wave A LI: 2

{what next}
{what next} Winter Picture Shelf 1 LI: 1
{what next} Winter’s Cottage (no snow) COPY LI: 124
{what next} Winter Picture Shelf 2 LI: 1

====All Other Items====

22769 – Santa Bust LI: 2
Amataria – Home Decor “Cats” – limestone LI: 3
Apple Fall
Apple Fall Model Plane – Large LI: 5
Apple Fall Open Book LI: 1
Apple Fall Designer Hat Box LI: 1
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins LI: 1
Apple Fall ‘Strength’ Fragment LI: 1
Apple Fall Antler Candlestick II LI: 2
Apple Fall ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray LI: 2
Apple Fall Silver Antiqued Rabbit LI: 1
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Silver LI: 1
Apple Fall Pinecones & Hazelnuts LI: 1
Apple Fall Apple Sprig w/ Branch LI: 1
Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches LI: 1
Apple Fall Woodland Deer – Brass LI: 1
West Village Abby Candle – Brass LI: 2
West Village Novelty Cricket Ball LI: 1
BackBone Under the Stars – Telescope LI: 3
.BIRCH Huntmans Deer Laying LI: 1
[Duvet Day]
[DD] My Cosy Cottage skis LI: 2
[IK] Airplane Wall Deco LI: 3
JIAN :: Squirrel Feeder LI: 5
KraftWork Lemton Gazebo LI: 60
[bauble] Decorative Vase LI: 1
MINIMAL – Alice Wood Basket LI: 1
Never Totally Dead
Cairn- Gift – LI: 1
l ROOTS l Dirt Path [Regular] LI: 1
Serenity Style
Serenity Style-New Autumn Leaves LI: 1
{what next}
{wn} Apple Spice Cider & Doughnuts (leaves) LI: 2
{wn} Candy Apples -Fall LI: 2

=====What I Am Wearing====

Head: Catwa – Daniel
Hair: Magika – Hair – Faith
Beard: f u o e y . Scott Beard / Mesh Short / Texture 1
Body: Legacy MeshBody – Athletic
Tied Sweater: [Mazzaro] Anthony Sweater [Legacy]
Jeans: Mossu – Xavier.Jeans – FLF – Legacy M
Socks: Cold Ash LEGACY M Size – BASIC SOCKS


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